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Do you know Father Senk?

Have you heard his inspiring sermons?

He has been the spiritual shepherd at St. Isabel Church on Sanibel Island for fourteen years. Despite the fact that the parishioners of St. Isabel love him and think that Father Senk is the epitome of what a Catholic Priest should be, Bishop Frank Dewane is attempting to remove him from the Priesthood.

His crime? Father Senk was one of ten priests that had the intestinal fortitude to sign a letter of complaint about the Bishop’s heavy handed methods and actions. if successful, Father Senk will be the forth signer of that letter to be attacked and removed by the Bishop. This battle has been going on for over six months. We have done all that we can to support Father Senk, and the matter is now being sent to Rome. However, even if Father Senk is exonerated there, the Bishop can still prevent him from returning to St. Isabel’s. Unbelievable!

In the wake of this unfounded attack on Father Christopher, are the remains of Saint Isabel parish. What once was a place of faith, love, fellowship and peace is now only a few buildings, with more and more parishioners abandoning our church everyday, leaving for other parishes, religions and even just giving up church completely. We too, are now victims of this narcissistic Bishop, who acts as if he is accountable to no one. The different ministries are not even allowed to use the parish hall or kitchen for church activities! Enough is enough! Sadly, the Catholic Church has had all too many valid scandals in recent years, that we certainly don’t need a egotistical Bishop to fabricate another one. Throwing out the best of the best in a time where vocations to the priesthood are so badly needed is just unacceptable!

The Parishioners for Justice have asked that everyone write a short note to express their thoughts concerning the injustice to our parish perpetrated by Bishop Dewane. Please consider writing a letter as soon as possible and send it to:

Parishioners for Justice
PO Box 302
Sanibel FL 33957

All of the letters will be sent to the Pope and with copies sent to the Bishop. Listed below, you will see quotes from letters that were recently sent to Bishop Dewane. They are offered as an aid in composing your letter.

“Because of your actions I no longer attend Mass on Sanibel, where I have been a loyal parishioner for 28 years. Thanks to you, I am having difficulty with my faith. The faith that has sustained and fed me my entire life, largely because of priests like Father Chris, is now on shaky ground because of you. I cannot tolerate a modern day Torquemada in the Roman Catholic Church, nor should any Catholic. Please do the right thing—reinstate Father Senk to our parish. Give up your vindictive course of action. You have truly committed errors under the mantle of a shepherd of Christ. Reflect on what you have done and seek forgiveness from our Holy Father.”

“What has been happening to Father Chris over the past few months at the hands of
Bishop Dewane is not only a ridiculous witch hunt, with handcrafted innuendo and false allegations, it is to me a shameful reflection of the Church. As an “outsider”, I am astonished by the Bishop for all the wrongs he seems to be committing and how he has been allowed to run rampant without any apparent oversight by the Church hierarchy. He has definitely not presented himself as a person deserving of reverential respect. This has really turned me off to the Catholic Church.”

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