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Senk Interviewed by Diocese

Dear Parishioners,

At the Diocesan meeting on Thursday Fr. Christopher was interviewed as part of his right of defense. It closed with some uncertainty. While all evidential contribution is over, the taped transcripts will now be reviewed and approved. The meeting was well over one hour and after review, nothing much has changed.

Fr. Christopher’s future is still in limbo. We believe Bishop Dewane made up his mind on Fr. Christopher’s future over two years ago and continues to do all he can to arrive at that predetermined conclusion. Retire without faculties.
Fr. Christopher would rather retire with faculties and have the opportunity to return to Saint Isabel Church to heal the division in our parish. Bring the flock together as one, the way it used to be for fourteen years.

The Bishop should be enamored with that thought, as it would reunite the dedicated parishioners and bring back the financial contributions which would be beneficial to the Diocese.

We, the Parishioners of Saint Isabel Church, have suffered cruel and unusual punishment as well since October 29, 2016 at the 5PM Mass, when we were blindsided with the announcement of the decision the Bishop made two years earlier, to get rid of Fr. Christopher Senk.

We will not back down, but we will continue to urge the Diocesan Shepherd to care for the entire flock, not just himself.

Please also note our financial effort thus far that includes the services of several Canon lawyers, a civil lawyer in Ft Myers and may require an advocate attorney in Rome to continue to assist with Fr. Chris’ defense. Their fees and related expenses have been covered thus far. With the knowledge that we are now going to Rome in the continuing effort to defend our pastor we will require additional financial support. We ask that you consider contributing to the cause by sending your check, made out to Parishioners for Justice, to the Bank of the Island at PO Box 1819, Sanibel FL 33957.

In fact we ask all of you to express your feelings in writing. Whether you have left for home up north or are year ‘round residents here, please put your thoughts on paper and send it to Parishioners for Justice at PO Box 302, Sanibel, FL 33957. We would like to hear from you.

Finally, please continue to pray for Fr. Chris, wear your button at church and don’t let your interest or motivation lessen.

In the name of our Lord, we thank you,
Parishioners for Justice

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