PFJ Action

A Heartfelt Thank You

Dear Fellow St Isabel PFJ Supporters:


On behalf of our Pastor and spiritual leader, Father Christopher Senk, we wish to recognize and thank you for all your prayerful support as well as your financial contributions toward the defense of Fr Chris. We have made Father aware, by name, of your support and he extends his most grateful thanks and prayers. Remember that the Bishop has prevented him from seeking support but we have not and will not be so deterred. With your support, our combined funding has given us the ability to hire Civil and Canon attorneys in the U.S. and. if necessary, in Rome. Additionally, we have employed investigators and developed a complete dossier of information based on our investigation.  We have done this to reply to all the allegations brought by the Bishop and the wealthy, influential and disruptive family in Baltimore.  Our conclusion remains that these allegations are demonstrably false.  We are not done yet and, with your continued assistance, will remain staunch in our quest to seek justice for Fr Christopher. 


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.



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