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Parishioners vow strong defense of Fr Chris

In light of this Article and Fr Chris’ upcoming 7 month “Administrative Leave” from the Parish now would be a good time to mount a media campaign with Letters to the Editor of the News Press, the more we can send the more notice they will take.

It is imperative that we stay stead fast in our fight for what is fair and just, especially now when so many of our parishioners are leaving the Island for extended amounts of time.

We cannot and should not back down on this campaign to seek justice for our Pastor.

4 thoughts on “Parishioners vow strong defense of Fr Chris”

  1. I being a recent convert April 2017 am appalled at the handling of Father. We are back in Ohio right now but wish to send our support. Rome needs to get off their high horse and resolve this matter. We just recently returned from Sanibel & he was sorely missed.
    Dick Brown


  2. I have also sent a letter to Rome. This is a sad situation and Father Chris needs to be reinstated. Our prayers are with him,
    A recent convert.
    We’ve had a home on Sanibel for many years & was introduced to Father Chris. I would not be Catholic if it wasn’t for Father Chris’s guidance.
    Please respond
    Dick Brown
    He is missed terribly.

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