Just Wondering

To the Editor:

Just wondering. The criminal investigation by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office has been complete for months. The case closed with no charges filed. The Diocese conducted their own investigation with hired help and no conclusion has been shared. Why?

Months ago, the Bishop sent the investigators to the Parish to speak with the Finance Committee, and a select few in group leadership positions. Months ago the Parishioners for Justice sent hundreds of signed petitions to the Bishop, which were signed for to prove delivery was made. These petitions asked the Bishop to visit St. Isabel parish and speak to any, and all, parishioners about the allegations he has against Fr. Senk. He, and/or the Diocese, have yet to respond. Why?

The Bishop’s handling of the issue is inflicting cruel and unusual punishment on Fr. Senk as well as the Parishioners of St. Isabel. Why?

He has created division within the Parish community which has already caused some to seek another Parish, reduce their financial contributions and participation in various Parish activities. Why?

Just wondering:

  • Is the Bishop afraid that releasing his investigation details will match the criminal investigation and conclude there is no case?
  • Is the Bishop afraid to actually speak with Parishioners who are very familiar with the alleged victim and our Pastor as he might actually learn something?
  • Does the Bishop have such a strong dislike for Fr. Senk that he is intentionally trying to inflict as much pain and anguish on him as possible?
  • Does the Bishop not see the reduction in financial contributions or does he see them and not care because he has funds in reserve for some time to come?
  • Does the Bishop have an agenda to remove each of the 10 Priests who signed the letter of complaint against him in 2014? He has already removed three of those 10. Fr. Senk would be number four.

Just wondering.

3 thoughts on “Just Wondering”

  1. My sense is yes- yes- yes- yes and yes
    The bishop knows he has nothing to stand on and hopes it all dies down and people go north and give up on the fight for Fr Chris.
    Well guess what!! We are standing strong in support of Fr Chris and the justice he deserves!!!
    Because Fr Senk deserves justice!!!!!


  2. I think you are correct with all your points regarding Father Chris & Bishop Duwane . What the Bishop is doing to Father Chris is criminal & very un-Christian like. He is acting very vindictive & the exact opposite from what Our Lord would do. I think Pope Francis should be notified regarding the Bishops actions.


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