God Will Be Your Judge

May 25, 2017

Bishop Frank J. Dewane,

It seems you preach Christ’s message on forgiveness, reconciliation and “communication” in print as the Pope’s message suggested not for substance but for money.  The letter “Statement for The Catholic Communication Campaign Collection”.   However, one would witness, you are not what you preach in person.  I have attended many churches in the area and asked about the “Bishop”.  I can say, you need public relations help!   Not paid employees from Venice writing for the News Press, but  your flock, that either does not know you, nor wants to, or knows you and wishes for latter.

You have invaded St. Isabel’s and removed our beloved Pastor, then put in a novice to carry your messages. The “pastor in resident” would be fine if he simply attended to the parish without delivering your constant oppressive orders.  The Message in Sunday’s Bulletin has been changed.   Did you consult the parishioners?  Did you ever meet with them as they have requested?   Are you intentionally destroying a wonderful priest AND the solvent parish along with the people there?  Do you act Christ like or more like a ego eccentric dictator?  Is this Christ like?

Just how does what the Pope recommends apply to you? Do you communicate  the message by practicing what you preach?  The bridges you seem to be building are going nowhere, in fact you are destroying bridges with every person involved in your witch hunt.

I have traveled and lived in countries of great oppression.  I have seen the wonders of faith, not religion, living in the spirits of persecuted people.  I have four friends who gave their lives for their faith.  One in Ecuador and the others in Buffalo, and New York.   Two priests and a nun Murdered! I know what counts!  I was in Warsaw, Poland when Pope John Paul returned the first time.  Cardinal Franz Konig was our friend and confirmed my two children in Vienna, Austria.  These are people of substance and bridge builders.  Read his book, Open to God, Open to the World, The Hour is Now.        THE HOUR FOR YOU IS NOW!  You are a sad example of a leader, quoting Christ as an example.  I doubt there is anything anyone can say to change you.  There is a saying in Spanish that “Old Parrots can not be taught”.

The seven months of HELL you have brought to this parish and wonderful people should get you a ticket to exactly that place.  The silk lined, fat cat life you lead represents the epitome of what is driving Catholics away and what Pope Francis finds disdainful. If this is an example of your “communication” you FAILED!

God will be your judge.

Kathleen Magner Zagustin Place

1 thought on “God Will Be Your Judge”

  1. Wow, well said. Unfortunately its a little like rain falling on concrete.( The bishop being concrete.)


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