A Difficult Anniversary

A Difficult Anniversary

June 19th was the forty-first anniversary of our brother’s, Fr. Christopher Senk, ordination to the priesthood.  We remember well the pride of our family who had gathered from both coasts at St. Anselm Abbey and College to witness and celebrate the event, and we continue to look with pride on all the years that our brother Fr. Christopher has served as a priest.  Everywhere he found himself, whether at the Abbey in New Hampshire, the Priory school in California, the college in New Jersey, or the three parishes where he has served in southwest Florida (Port Charlotte, Palmetto, Sanibel), he served with integrity and with the kind of sensitivity expected of a good pastor.  Everywhere our brother has served he created special communities, communities that were Christ-centered, bringing people together in love.  There is no place where he has served where he cannot number lasting friendships.  I know we speak for so many when we say that all those who have known him have no doubts about his integrity, and no amount of ranting by a Bishop or wealthy strangers from Baltimore will diminish our love for him or stop us from seeking justice for him.

Bishop Dewane, what you have done for the last eight months is unconscionable.  You have tortured our brother Fr. Christopher, our family, the parish of St. Isabel, and all those who love our brother and believe in him.  You have done this with no regard for our brother’s reputation, and you continue on this evil path because you have no concern for anything or anyone but yourself.  At this point all you want to do is win, at any cost, even when destroying people and their faith is the price.  Your arrogance has convinced you that you have only done what you had to do, and you have spent eight months now trying to prove the baseless allegations you started with in October, still without any hard evidence that any of them were true.

Who measures the pain and suffering of all of us?  You are the one solely responsible for that pain and suffering, and as a family we continue to be amazed that you are able to sleep nights knowing how much harm you have caused. It also amazes us how the Church we were raised in, a Church so beautifully represented by Pope Francis and all that is good, allows you to continue as the chief shepherd in southwest Florida.

We beg you Bishop Dewane, admit that you are wrong.  Swallow your pride and do what is right.  Restore our brother’s reputation, reinstate him as pastor of St. Isabel, and allow him to spend his final years before retirement healing the wounds you have so needlessly inflicted on the Sanibel Parish.


Lynn C. Senk

Amarillo, Texas


Cheryl A. Munger

Dunstable, Massachusetts


7 thoughts on “A Difficult Anniversary”

  1. PFJ
    Because we know how saddened we are as seasonal Parishoners, we cannot fathom the depth of sorrow Fr Christopher’s immediate family has suffered.
    Blessed anniversary to Fr Chris. His followers & believers know in our hearts that he continues to live a Christ like life. May he know we are praying along with him for justice.
    Patty & Dick Brown

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  2. Dear Lynn and Cheryl, What beautiful, well-written sentiments you have shared with all of us who are praying for the return of your brother and our pastor, Father Christopher. I miss our once vibrant parish and pray daily that justice will come soon.
    Nancy Stell

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  3. I am a long time parishinor of St Isabels parish,I attended catholic school believe deeply in my faith! I can’t believe. What is happening to Fr.Chris,our parish! My faith tells me this can’t be true! Dear Lord enlighten this Bishop to return our Pastof !,,,,

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  4. IM disgusted with this travesty;unforunatly we who fight for our pastors return and reinstatement;very few are aware of other misgivings Bishop Dewane is and has been involved with;in one instance a local churchs deacon is sworn to secrecy not to reveal what problem his parish has had with this APOSTLE OF CHRIST;i say that reverently,however its my opinion Bishop Dewane hardly models himself after that name;i pray that someday this issue will come before POPE FRANCIS;.
    referencing the letter written;i would hope many more letters will be written,mailed,and posted to bring pressure on this Bishop;the news media MUST be alerted to the status of this case;how long it has been going on.without a resolution!

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  5. This whole sad,unjust situation has shaken our faith in the Church, as an institution,
    to its very roots! Father Christopher should know that we pray for him and the Parish every day. It will be very difficult if not impossible to attend St. Isabel’s when we return in November.


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