Letter from a Concerned Parishioner



I find it so ironic how priests known to be pedophiles get away with the most heinous behavior while our beloved pastor, Father Christopher Senk, is “held to a higher standard” by Bishop Frank Dewayne who is bent upon destroying him. My husband  ED and I recently watched the documentary “The Keepers” on Netflix. If you have not seen it watch it. Although slow moving at times, it is yet still another exposure, based upon facts, of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church covering up the evil, sick, behavior of not one but two parish priests and a soon to be promoted Bishop. It is as bad an exposure of corruption in the Catholic Church, as the movie “Spotlight” which was a hard one to watch. The disparity of treatment of the priests involved in the scandals shown in these films compared with the wrath of vengeance upon which has been showered upon our own pastor leaves one to wonder…Where is the justice? If we are to wait for ROME to resolve this travesty we are without hope. I base my faith upon Jesus Christ not on man.  As C. S. Lewis notes in his book “The Screwtape Letters” how gleeful the devil is when he succeeds winning over a one of us “humans” how much more of an impact it is when it is a priest or better still a Bishop!!



Kathy Lear


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