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The July 16, 2017 Bulletin handed out at St. Isabel Church contained the following blurb:

The July 16, 2017 Bulletin handed out at St. Isabel Church contained the following blurb:

Pray for Kidnapped Priest – Father Tom Uzhunnialil was kidnapped in Yemen in March 2016. Father Uzhunnalil, an Indian national, was abducted March 4, 2016, when four gunman [sic] attacked a Missionaries of Charity-run retirement home in Aden, Yemen, killing 16 people, including four Missionary Sisters of Charity. Since his kidnapping, photos and videos have appeared showing him in captivity, however, the authenticity is unclear. The most recent video was released in April 2017 in which Father Uzhunnalil asked for prayers and said he was in deteriorating health. Officials do believe Father Uzhunnialil is still alive. Please continue to pray for the safety and release of Father Uzhunnialil.

Parishioners for Justice is opposed to injustice of any sort and joins in prayer for Father Uzhunnailil.  In accord with its principles, Parishioners for Justice would like to see a similar blurb pleading for justice as follows:

Pray for Priest on Administrative Leave – Father Christopher Senk, pastor of St. Isabel Catholic Church, was unceremoniously placed on administrative leave in October, 2016.  Father Senk, a former Benedictine who has served faithfully as a priest for over 40 years, was driven from his parish on October 28, 2016, when Bishop Frank Dewane issued an order for Father Senk’s leave that he enforced in collusion with a band of reporters sent to harass the faithful who were attending Saturday evening Mass.  Since being driven from his home at St. Isabel, there have been no photos or videos of Fr. Senk as he was placed incommunicado by Bishop Dewane. The charges against Fr. Senk have been shown to be unreliably posed by a hostile family. Parishioners have been vocal in pleading for Fr. Senk’s restoration, but Bishop Dewane has remained mostly silent.  The most recent communication from Bishop Dewane was a set of Easter greetings promising prayer but not action.  Father Senk is known to have a number of serious health challenges, but his determination to live his vocation as a priest is undeterred.  Please continue to pray for the well-being and restoration of Father Senk. 

Parishioners for Justice urges prayer for Father Uzhunnallil, for Father Senk, for the slain at the retirement home, for the gunmen who participated in this act of violence, and for Bishop Dewane who has attacked Fr. Senk.  Injustice cannot be tolerated from any source.

1 thought on “The July 16, 2017 Bulletin handed out at St. Isabel Church contained the following blurb:”

  1. Members of our faith are being attacked on all sides. We must be diligent and continue to fight and pray for justice for Fr.Senk our Pastor and all being unjustly persecuted!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


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