Weekly Prayers of the Faithful

19 th Sunday in Ordinary Time August 13, 2017

19th Sunday of Ordinary Time, August 13, 2017

As Peter cried out in fear, “Lord, save me,” we turn to God in our times of trouble and worry to ask for his help and presence with us.

1. For the Church, that we may listen, as Pope Francis has encouraged us, to the voice of Jesus in our hearts which calls: “Do not fear! Go ahead! I am with you!”
2. That all world leaders may seek peace, may strive to serve the best interests of all people, and may mimic the call of God in quiet whispers rather than boisterous rhetoric.
3. That all victims of natural disasters may be renewed and be able to rebuild their lives through God’s wisdom, their efforts, and the support of their communities.
4. As once St. Isabel was rebuilt from Hurricane Charley, may it also find a swift and just end to the current turmoil and again be rebuilt under Fr. Christopher’s guidance through the power of the Holy Spirit.
5. That no storm will ever shake our inmost calm as we cling to the Rock that is Jesus.
6. That we may be people of faith who never doubt and who join with those in the boat who declared that Jesus truly is the Son of God..
7. That those in our parish who are ill and all the sick may find comfort and relief in Jesus’ call in the midst of their struggles, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”
8. In thanksgiving for Don and Jan Vap who celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary this week, and with thanks for the grace to persist in all vocations to the clergy, to married life, or to single life.9. For all our deceased friends, family members, and parishioners, that they may see the kindness of God and be granted His salvation.

O God our help and our refuge, you call us to come in the midst of storms and in the tiny whispering sounds of our lives. Give us the grace to be confident in our responses and as we make our prayers to you through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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