Prayer Service

September 10, 2017, 8:00 AM

Fr Naples Press

As we have been doing for some time now, we face the uncertainties of the future.  Will our beloved Church of St. Isabel, so capably rebuilt under the pastoral leadership of Fr. Christopher, remain standing and strong?  Will our homes, our businesses, be harmed, or even be standing when we return?  It is moments like this that remind us of how important our faith truly is.  Acts of nature and man cannot destroy that which is most important, that which unites us, and gives us hope – the love of God and neighbor.  In the days ahead may we remain united in the belief that what is most important cannot be contained within four walls, for it resides in hearts that are spread out all over these United States, indeed, all over the world.  Let us remain united in the love of a God who is infinitely kind and just.  Let us stay united in prayer that all our loved ones will be preserved from all harm, and preserved from any temptation to despair.  Let us be, SANIBEL STRONG!

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