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A Quote from Cardinal Sarah

I came across a quote from a book by Cardinal Robert Sarah.  Cardinal Sarah is the head of Congregation for Divine Worship at the Vatican.  He was appointed by Pope Francis.  He is extremely conservative and has proposed that Mass should return to being offered with the priest’s back to the people.  He also seems to back the Latin Mass.  He is not someone whose views are consistent with mine, which certainly does not make him wrong.  He has been heavily criticized in a number of quarters for his views with many voices calling for his replacement.  What is interesting is that in his book, in commenting on the criticisms, Cardinal Sarah wrote:

I painfully experienced assassination by gossip, slander and public humiliation, and I learned that when a person has decided to destroy you, he has no lack of words, spite and hypocrisy; falsehood has an immense capacity for constructing arguments, proofs and truths out of sand. When this is the behaviour of men of the Church, and in particular of bishops, the pain is still deeper. But … we must remain calm and silent, asking for the grace never to give in to rancour, hatred and feelings of worthlessness. Let us stand firm in our love for God and for his Church, in humility.

This quote certainly has applicability in regard to Fr. Christopher.  

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