One Year Reflection

          It now has been a full year since a credulous and high-handed bishop consigned our beloved pastor to ecclesiastical limbo on the basis of trumped up and demonstrably false charges.  The reference to limbo is partly apt and partly not.  The Catholic Encyclopedia describes “limbo” this way:  “In theological usage the name is applied to . . . the temporary place or state of the souls of the just who, although purified from sin, were excluded from the beatific vision until Christ’s triumphant ascension into Heaven.”  This is a partly accurate way of describing the condition of this “just” man who has been unjustly accused and uncharitably deprived of his mission of caring for the souls of the parishioners of St. Isabel.  Moreover, his suspension from the Parish deprives us, his parishioners, of the many graces and spiritual fulfillment that we have treasured.  So, in a real sense, the bishop has placed the Parish in a kind of spiritual limbo too. 

          But the reference to being in limbo is only partly accurate: we hope and pray that his period of isolation from his congregation will end soon with the vindication that he deserves.  We also are confident that, despite the unfairness of his current status, Fr. Christopher enjoys the love, support, and protection of the triumphant Christ, who in due course will deliver justice to all concerned.  Meanwhile, his faithful parishioners and friends will keep him in our prayers, as we know that we remain in his, as the Parish adheres to our conviction that truth and justice are the promise of Our Savior.


          Philip & Madeline

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