Thank You SCW for a Great Evening

We want to thank the Sanibel Catholic Women and Men for yet another great event.
Sanibel Catholic Women is a group of women and men who want to continue and expand our social and community based fellowship activities, which support and provide an alternative for the joy, connection and love missing in our current environment.
The Transfiguration stories are among favorites in the Gospels.  It feels that the Lobster Fest SCW organized was a Transfiguration moment for the parish.  People could see and experience joy and God’s love in a supportive environment, being taken away for a few hours from the on going work that at times can be discouraging of fighting for Fr. Christopher and St. Isabel’s.
The Lobster Fest was a an event where people figuratively built tents and asked to stay, all the while knowing that it was time to get back to the hard work ahead.  Yet the warmth from the Lobster Fest will carry them through and add insights to what rising from the dead means.

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