5 thoughts on “No physical Prayer Service Tuesday”

  1. Being a snowbird and just now catching wind of this drama………and………..after reading thru your postings and website my first and immediate response is merely one word……..JEALOUSY. it seems rather apparent that the Bishop in this sorrowful state of affairs is “in want” of the successes that your beloved Fr. Sein provided your congregation.
    There is NO greater demon to an individual whose constitution is marred by insecuries and self hatred than to have others succeed around him. THAT, my dear, I believe, is the simpliest explanation to your pain. Your parrish Priest was wildly successful in gathering a flock of sinners and strengthening your bond by exhibiting the radiance of Christ himself………..as SOME PEOPLE just cannot accept what follows…….when Christ’s love is magnified, rooms EXPLODE. Thus, your ‘room’s have blown up!!!!!!
    Really, this is nothing NEW. so you shouldn’t be surprised at this, most unfortunate, journey. Why?, you ask.
    Because Satan has hated all of your successes and has wanted to break up ‘your party’ with Fr. Sein ever since love walked thru the doors of your church building.
    Remember……..remember………remember that this horrid fracture is full of Hope……..because God’s way is perfect and HE, always, wins in the end.
    Please take it as a badge of honor that Satan thinks you are a threat!!!!!!!
    This tornado that you seem to be spinning in will one day end, and the calm winds of God’s purpose will pour over your broken church and restore its beautiful community with lots and lots of harmony.
    This art junkie- liz Armstrong on sand dollar drive. (Smile)


  2. A few weeks ago i “signed up” as a follower fighting for fr. senk. i’ve been saying the prayer service at home but would like to know if the group meets somewhere? i would be happy to attend. thank you.


      1. thanks so much for your reply. it never occured to me that the group was allowed to meet on the church campus. i hope to join you next tuesday!
        best regards,
        suzanne dressler


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