4 thoughts on “Two Milestones”

  1. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it! But we need to be persistent and not give up, both in actions and prayers!


  2. The Spiritual Leader of the Diocese of Venice should be ashamed of himself both for his actions and for his lack of action in this injustice being perpetuated on Father Christopher Senk. It is unbelievable that Father Chris was accused of a crime 18 months ago (ten months after the criminal investigation was closed for lack of any evidence) and in that time has not once been able to meet face-to-face with his accuser. Bishop Dewane, when will you right the wrong being done to Father Chris and the loyal parishioners of St. Isabel Catholic Church? When will you allow him to return to us so we can all begin the healing process that we need? Many of us see your actions as a negative reflection on The Catholic Church and are struggling with our commitment to it.


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