1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr Chris Ordained June 19,1976”

  1. thank you for sending that prayer service and  picturers of Fr  Senk at his ordination and the one from present time who … we went to Mass  at a little country church here in the Thumb and  we wrote in the book of intentions for Fr Christopher in need of all prayers that he be  allowed to practice  his priesthood — as he is such a good priest…. and a good man…he was thought about  today at our liturgy…we hope no one stops praying for him and that he gets  the answer to our prayers  he needs … pray that the churches eyes of wisdom  ..will  give him his just  rights as a priest…

    we have not forgotten him and dont want anyone there to forget  his needs too……. amen   we need good priests… he is one special and good priest……….

    God please bless him  at this time…give him back his  priestly life!    We all suffer his  suffering too….we need to stand with him  and pray for a quick solution….it has been  questioned too long….amen   the mahers of michigan-winter parishioners.

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