What would Bishop Dewane do……

On June 20, 2018, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick was suspended from active ministry, 47 years after he abused a young man, years after rampant rumors about other indiscretions of his, and only after careful, exhaustive, impartial investigation.  Some media reports of this suspension were accompanied by a picture of Frank Dewane, Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in Florida, standing with Cardinal McCarrick, his brother bishop.

Also on June 20, Bishop Dewane issued the included “Actual Letter from Bishop Frank Dewane.”  Bishop Dewane cannot be faulted for expressing dismay at the problem of children and parents being separated.  This is a situation that requires compassion, attention, and creative and timely resolution.  Unfortunately, Bishop Dewane offers little insight on this issue or his response.  He asks people to pray.  He asks people to urge lawmakers to act.  For himself, he will again “stand with my brother Bishops.”   Will he be standing as he did with Cardinal McCarrick, standing for a photo op?

Letter pic 1

In the meantime, in his own diocese, a situation rages that requires action.  This is a situation that he controls.  It does not afford any photo ops, but it does demand action for the good of the Church and his diocese.  This situation is Bishop Dewane’s consigning Fr. Christopher Senk to administrative leave after civil investigation showed there was no cause and prior to conducting even cursory investigation on his part.  Rather than standing around with his brother bishops telling people what to do, he could take action himself.

We can imagine a timely letter from Bishop Dewane that might have been issued on the occasion of Cardinal McCarrick’s suspension.  Such an “Imagined Letter from Bishop Frank Dewane” is fantasized below.  We can also imagine that Bishop Dewane will act as a shepherd would, not as merely a man who smiles in his red robes that he enjoys wearing as he stands with his brother Bishops.  We imagine, and we pray with hope.



1 thought on “What would Bishop Dewane do……”

  1. why is Rome taking so long to give Father Senk his rights to say Mass etc? Who in Rome is in charge of this case in the curia?
    Will they be honest and fair to Fr Christopher in Rome when they do finally send a letter ?
    How many who received the letter from PFJ at the bishops/cardinals meetings know the facts now and how many have responded to Father? It should not be taking this long. I am disappointed and confused and angry and so sad with my church for taking this long to set it straight for Fr Senk… proved innocent in civil law. I am beginning to question those in Rome who have not acted well or in kindness or in justice to another human being – Fr Senk. He suffers as he has to wait for word!
    What is causing the delay? Maybe the BIshop can answer or someone who is higher up in rank than Bishop Dewayne!
    All of us who worry about Father having to wait and wonder why ! No answera yet?
    I need to know and we continue to want answers.
    Please find out when this matter will be settled. The Bishop must himself be curious about it for the sake of the priests in his diocese. If we don’t speak up for Father NOW to get a speedy answer – who will speak for the next priest who is treated like this?

    Is the way Bishops can treat people ?
    Is this the way Rome/ the Vatican can treat priests who are found innocent under the civil law ? I can hardly believe it…I guess I have been naïve about how my Church treats people.
    Does the Pope know about it? Surely he would want to deal with it in justice and love and concern for the time it is taking.
    I pray day and night that my church does the right thing for Fr Senk and gives him back his ability and right to act as a priest! God please bless him and convince the Vatican to do the right thing for this good priest. Thank you.


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