2 thoughts on “Feast Of St. Isabel”

  1. The Statue of St. Isabel has always been a symbol for me of the care Fr.Christopher took in restoring our Church after Charley to a most welcoming place to worship. I do not feel that welcome any more and it is a great sadness. So I will pray especially today that some how that feeling of welcome will return, hopefully, because our good Pastor is restored to us.
    Madeline Lacovara


  2. Wow! That is a good prayer! Whenever we were at St Isabel’s we would walk over to the statue that honors her……….maybe place a flower in her hands…sometimes ther would be little ring of flowers placed there on her head…..anyone could sit and pray for a while….when we had visitors I always wanted them to see that beautiful life like and life size work of art…the lovely statue of St Isabel……. and sometimes I could see others standing there visiting or praying for a minute….. I pray today that St Isabel will send down all possible blessings from above – blessings of love, faith and courage…- the feast of St Isabel— on the people and parish and return Fr Christopher to his ministry…. We also will pray again today for our pastor – very special to so many of us— Fr Christopher –

    Come Holy Spirit– give us what we ask for. amen


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