Father Christopher…..how many ways can we describe the positive impact you have made on our lives

Kathleen Zagustin Father Christopher…..how many ways can we describe the positive impact you have made on our lives. I have lived all over the world and attended Mass from St. Peters in Rome to a hut in the Amazon territory in Venezuela. My husband and I have been blessed with various priest friends who are unique and dedicated, but only Father Christopher challenged us with love. We looked forward to each Sunday knowing we would be blessed with a spiritual gift and would leave church giving thanks for such a beautiful time in prayer. Even when he was suffering great pain physically,he always was there for us. He is a “teachers,teacher”. There always was a challenge to take and reflect upon. Christmas and Easter were truly times we cherished and celebrated fully at St. Isabel’s with the warmth and love that filled every corner of the church. Fr. Christopher’s detail and dedication to vocation was always present. The music, flowers, even on Mothers Day and Fathers Day everyone was included. He somehow managed to embrace everyone in his goodness,he never once critizided anyone and always greeted everyone with acceptance. We left church feeling closer to God. For Richard and I ,Father Christopher has become a inspiration in a difficult and troubled world.

2 thoughts on “Father Christopher…..how many ways can we describe the positive impact you have made on our lives”

  1. You could not have said it any better than that ! We feel exactly the same way !
    thank you for taking the time to write this……..there is a tear in my eye, and we hope that Father Christopher knows how much of an impact his life has and his words and ways have had on many others who are trying to live the messages of the Gospels. He is a very good priest. He has made a positive difference in our lives. God bless him …


  2. Here is what we worry about. Had the Bishop been as a Bishop should or could have been…he would have acted differently right from the beginning. He should have invited Fr Christopher in the beginning to speak to him and address the charges made against him. The Bishop chose not to inform Fr Christopher and thus didn’t in our way of thinking didn’t much care about what Father Senk had to say in answer to any questions the Bishop needed to inquire about. We see now that there was a problem that the Bishop decided to take it out on Father- he was not liking that some of his priests in the diocese spoke out against his “authority” or the way he was running the business affairs of the diocese. Ten priests expressed their disagreement and asked that it be done anonymously when they sent that list of complaints to Rome……
    However- some how that complaint got revealed to the Bishop and since then Fr Senk has been treated with disrespect and anger and injustice. He was told he could not say Mass even after being found innocent by the laws of Florida. He has been accused of things that he has not had the opportunity to confront the lies…
    This priest and this kind of person does not deserve this kind of treatment. He has been a priest for 41 years and loved serving in such a parish as St Isabel’s..he chose to live in the world where families would interact with him and could grow and he could grow too due to that kind of helpful relationship …….where good Catholic families welcomed him and appreciated his many gifts he shared with us! Let’s apologize to him—he didn’t do anything wrong – and bring him back to serve the Church and parishioners as well as those visitors who loved his simple and authentic ways. He represents the best of priests – he is a man of prayer and he is living his life as intended and ordained as a dedicated Catholic priest. God bless him and any who will be there to help him battle this unfortunate ordeal.


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