1 thought on “July 31 Prayer Service for Fr. Christopher”

  1. I have such a nice memory of Fr Christopher!
    I recall seeing Fr Christopher walking along near Baileys market on Sanibel Island carrying a bag (or two??_ ) of groceries……smiling as he walked with difficulty due to his bad arthritis….… he said he was going to be making dinner for some people/friends that night….. .I was just thinking about how a kind welcoming priest like Fr Chris might want to entertain some guests for dinner! It was so nice to have him be the kind of man/priest who would shop and plan the dinner for himself and others…….. and he would ask people to come and share what dinner he made with some from the parish who other wise might not have others to eat with them!..It was a gift to those who could meet others and converse and share ideas!
    .. That tells me that where he lived for 14 years welcomed people to his home.—-! —a home cooked dinner in his own home. All cooked by the priest!!! Now that is a good pastor! He knows how to roll up his sleeves and serve others! is a friendly priest whose hospitality showed how much he enjoyed being with others. I do not know many men or priests who enjoyed making others feel welcomed and included! Thank you Father Chris for being a priest who served others with kindness thanks! You give me hope for our church!

    We want that good feeling back in the parish — soon! God bless all who pray for him at this time.


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