1. I remember well😂 God bless Father Chris for his work in rebuilding our church and keeping our parish functioning during the long process🙏🙏🙏😘🤗


  2. I recall well going to church ‘ Pre-Charley” days and how under the liturgical and artistic eyes of Fr Christopher it was so beautiflul and always welcoming..
    the stained glass windows with all the aposotes depicted ………….. the beautiful crucifix…….the doors finally repalced and the outside bronze colored art work of Jesus with the little children..
    ……..I recall the days when they were making all the repairs folowing the hurricane … the roof gone, the pews warped from the rain and sun… etc etc………….. and little by little it was restored to being the special place of worshop we had known and loved and how we again found a good space to pray and sing and meet our community of many visitors ……..Somehow it all came togther and we were HOME even while away from home ——again—– at St Isabels!….. …Even Hurricane Chrley didn’t destroy that ”home again spirit!” Fr. Chris was working to bring back and quietly overseeing it and we knew it would be put back together the right way! Thanks even now to Fr Christopher for all that he did to help us find meaningful liturgy and celebrations of oneness – faithfully serving and celebrating Mass in the hall for those years of waiting… we have not forgotten! Thank you! To everyone who worked to restore St Isabels Catholic Church on Sanible Island to the place we loved to come together for liturgy! Fr. Christopher was a wonderful leader to have at this time and I am sure he is missed! God bless him for all he has done for the people – and visitors– to Sanibel ! We would love to have him return and we pray for that daily!


  3. What a beautiful commemoration of Hurricane Charley. We were one of those few people here and we did tearfully sing “How can we keep from singing”. This tragedy drew us even closer as a church family. Thanks to Fr. Christopher, we were better than before the disaster. Lets keep praying that we shall be a family again. Blessings, Bev


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