1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 8-28”

  1. when someone from the family is missing…or someone is ill …. we look for them …we inquire about them and we pray for them and we miss them…….for all those mentioned on the sick list and for Fr Senk’s long overdue absence from St Isabel……Please know that we miss you and we think of you and want you well and back again! Parish Family is important to us…it isn’t the same without you!
    We live in Michigan but the memory of St Isabel parish and Fr.. Senk are seriously missed. To those who are still sick we will say a prayer for you today. Thank you for being voices of love and justice..! We hope for word that Father Senk is back there with you soon and with us again in the winter months, We miss you! Sending a hug and a prayer!


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