1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 9/11/18”

  1. we have a candle lit and by it we remind ourselves toprayforFrChristopherand all those in need of prayerfor   improved health  on this prayer  list  from sI isable parish… We ask God to make His presence known to those who are ill and suffer in any way!We want peace for all who suffer physically and mentally.     Our candle flame represents Jesus in our lives and the lives of others who suffer.   we pray  in earnest faith, hope and love that someone will know of this case against Fr Christopher and have the courage and inspirationto know how to move it forward  and end it favorably for Fr Chris and the  parish of St Isabels.     WE WABT SOMEONE TO  CARE ENOUGH TO  DO SOMETHING FOR  OUR FRIENDS WHO NEED OUR PRAYERS AT THS IS TIME.


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