2 thoughts on “October 2 Prayer Service For Fr. Chris”

  1. our prayers continue … for so many things—for our country and for our church— but especially for Fr Christopher and any other people accused unjustly and being punished and treated unjustly because of false accusations. We pray that they be set free ! Soon. Now. It has been too long already!
    We put ourselves in his place and know as he does that he did nothing to deserve such a lack of love and lack of justice. We can imagine how he must be feeling and so we hope someone listens to his case and sets him free from this difficult and unfair treatment of him…

    we pray that someone somewhere in our church will listen and end this situation for him.

    God the Father, please restore his spirit and freedom to be a priest using his full ministry once again. We want and need priests like him! He has so much to offer people who love God and want to serve others in our church.
    We can only imagine how it would be to be treated this way by those we have been good to and as kind to all people- as he has been! It is how we have known him to be.
    He is being treated unjustly and so we all promise to keep him in prayers. May we not forget him in our daily prayers to The Lord Jesus who sets captives free!
    God, please bless Father and all those who support him in his time of difficulty .


  2. If any of us were in Fr Christopher’s shoes for these past two years we would be happy to know that people were praying and speaking in our defense e g Parishioners For Justice members….family and friends—-and even people who have been treated unjustly too-
    .and many people who knew him and cared for the kind of person he has always been…… thank you to any who have taken the time to care and continue praying for his careful consideration of justice from the Bishop of Venice. If they have looked at this matter as they say they have — then Father should be able to return to his full priesthood— because they know and have known of his innocence. Why are they not acting on Fathers case>
    What is taking so long to give him due justice???????? It has not been dealt with in a timely manner !

    God bless all concerned — especially Father Christopher.
    Sincerely- Mary Jo and Hank Maher


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