1 thought on “2 Year Anniversary……How Long will This Continue”

  1. I had a reply written but it ”disappeared” —sooooo

    Our prayers to free Fr Christopher from these false charges still after 2 long years—go unanswered—
    Charges that have already proven him ‘not guilty of anything’/not able to find cause to charge him–
    ……… are not resolved by some uncaring Church leaders …….
    it appears as if no one in the Church even cares…………..
    Has this case been resolved and we have not herd the outcome???
    Did the church authorities forget to notify you or us??

    What is taking two years? Someone should check to make sure his case is being herd and not lost in the stack of mail at the Vatican? Maybe it got dropped in the wastebasket in Venice FL ?? before it got sent to Rome? What is taking so long?

    Father deserves to be treated justly. Father deserves to be treated better than he has been treated!

    The power that one person has —-e g the Bishop of Venice —-or that he seems to have ——-is too much power for someone such as person like the Bishop of Venice…who seems to have a grudge against this good priest!

    God bless you Father Senk……………we continue to pray that you hear soon about the resolution and outcome to the false accusations you have had to endure for two long unhappy years!. As the gospel says today: you are a priest forever!
    God bless you.
    Sincerely Mary Jo and Hank


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