4 thoughts on “Candlelight Vigil Update”

    1. We lodged a complaint with the US Post Office but not sure where it has gone from there

      Lori Schulz Broker/ Owner

      SanCap Gateway Realty



      From: Reply-To: Date: Monday, October 29, 2018 at 3:59 PM To: Lori Schulz Subject: [parishionersforjustice.wordpress.com] Comment: “Candlelight Vigil Update”


  1. A Bishop that is blind and deaf to the people has no place in the Church. A Bishop that deprives Parishioners of their beloved Pastor and head of the Parish family for no reason other than malice has no place in the Church. Bishop Dewane ‘s two year abuse of authority is not acceptable and not Christian.
    Our St. Isabel’s family needs Father Christopher’s presence. Without him St. Isabel’s has become cold with the shadow of persecution hanging in the air. That will never go away until Justice becomes reality. We pray daily for his return .


  2. I was unable to go back to sleep last night because when I woke up it was on my mind ……….. I wish I had a recorder to say to the church leaders whoever they may be all that I had to say to them! I feel like there is no one- no authority but Bishop Duane—therefore to say anything to that will change anything about how this has gone or how it is going or isn’t even going at all!??? If all the good bishops who are out there ……………would act to read and at least comment on Fr Christopher’s awful disrespect from our church…… it would help us to be patient (it has been two long years) but we feel no one is doing anything to right this wrong!!
    If Cardinal Denardo thinks for one minute that his little response card with one sentence saying they ”have received our letter”is sufficient…..I can tell you it was not sufficient! He could have had the courtesy to comment about what we wrote. My husband told him about Bishop Untener who is now deceased who was there for his priests and people when he was the Bishop here in Michigan! He was a good Bishop! He cared and was appreciative to hear from common parishioners when they had complaints or suggestions! It was almost an insult to get that one little sentence saying they had received our letter! We deserve better and so does Father for all he has already so unjustly suffered!
    I hope that Bishop Dewayne cant sleep at night and he too lays awake and thinks about the sadness he has caused a good priest and good parish! Will someone who cares please find a way to bring justice to this sadness we all feel ! It is not right to ruin a good person’s life for no reason!
    For all the people in Pennsylvania who suffer tonight due to the senseless loss of their loved ones lives—- we pray for them too tonight. Please get this settled as soon as possible!
    Thanks to the good people in the parish who are praying and hoping and helping as best able to keep Father in our prayers!.


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