1 thought on “11/4 Candlelight Vigil for our Pastor”

  1. Today at a scripture study i attend in our parish on the Nativity readings ……..Gospel of Luke—………… we talked about St Simione a little today ………. and the patience he had ….

    Like Simione – I guess we cannot give up hoping that Fr Christopher hears from our Church soon since our patience is running low these days — for an answer to Father re his full priestly ‘ reinstatement’ to say Mass, etc………………… We pray for patience— but we do grow weary that nothing is getting done…..
    and we wait and we wait and we worry!
    It has been a long wait for two years!

    To hear and listen to the jewish rabbis on Tv as they bury their 11 dead faithful people from their Jewish temple congregations …….and hear the kind loving compassionate caring words……….. words of peace……..we want to hear such words from our Catholic leaders too.
    ……….. maybe our Bishops, priests and people will hear what the Jewish rabbis say and how they say it –
    and maybe we can learn something good and beautiful from them.
    In the midst of this tragedy in the Jewish community
    – we also pray for peace for Father Senk and all people to be patient….the Lord isn’t finished with us …we must be voices of love and peace and justice for every person! Amen. Mary Jo


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