1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr Chris 11/27”

  1. Thank you for this reminder to pray for so many worthy causes………..for peace, for our troops, for our sick and for justice ……….for those falsely accused— e.g. our own friend and honorable priest Fr .Christopher Senk…pastor of St Isabel’s Parish Sanibel Island Fl—
    we pray also for those who make these false charges against someone who is innocent.
    It must be difficult to be so accused and not believed by those in power! Our church is desperately in need of good priests just like Fr Christopher so please God of Compassion and Mercy– let our prayers return him to his rightful position and practice of his priestly ministry.
    Meanwhile we promise to pray for many more things .. there are many needs….
    we all want honesty in our leadership of country and especially in our church!
    I pray that Jesus make himself a companion of each one of us as we walk our journey in faith! Treat others as we wish to be treated..with respect and justice .Mary Jo and Hank


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