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“Catholic Faith Appeal”

I just received the annual solicitation from Bishop Dewane for the “Catholic Faith Appeal.” Rather than throw it away, I wrote a note on the solicitation letter saying that my husband and I would resume support for the Appeal once he restores our pastor, Rev. Christopher Senk, to his rightful position.
I would suggest that this would be a great approach for the Parishioners for Justice to all take. Money talks. Or at least the absence of money it might.

2 thoughts on ““Catholic Faith Appeal””

  1. sad but true —he isnt going to change his mind for Fr Senks benefit–or any of the other priests who he has treated so badly—- he is stubborn —-and doesn’t listen to anyone — I am sure he has all the money he needs!!!!!! Usually money talks but I don”t really see that happening and making any difference for this particular Bishop.. he will get what he wants —-he probably has many wealthy friends who like his style??? Unless he decides he doesn’t like them, too! He can invent a reason to treat them poorly…..It seems there is no justice in this case is there? Pray for a change of his heart …yes pray for him! Pray for those in the Vatican to see that justice is done for Fr Senk!


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