1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr Chris 12/4”

  1. Once again thank you for those heartfelt prayers………….I hope we are able to know the real Joy of advent and get word that Fr Senk is back in the parish by Christmas…………it would be the best news to hear that! When a sick person gets well-
    when a troop comes home safely-
    when a homeless person find shelter-
    or a hungry child is given food and in need of medicine or education and they receive it everyone rejoices!
    So too for Fr Christopher—= when he is rightly returned to his ministry and his parish and his people …… everyone will rejoice!
    When A prisoner is released having been found not guilty of any wrongs……………… then justice will be done–and we can all celebrate the birthday of jesus- CHRISTMAS- with gladness and joy! Let the darkness disappear………….dark b clouds forever go away- bless our church and our leaders and the people of this world – and St Isabels- bless us and with the true meaning of Christmas, An” Advent season December Novena” –a prayer every day—for Fr Christopher — a faithful priest forever. Pray that he hears much needed good news soon – before Christmas! It is on our Christmas wish list for sure!
    We pray for justice for all who suffer and are unjustly accused ! God bless those who do not forget this priest in his time of great suffering! I know we will be praying every day!
    Sincerely- Mary Jo and Hank Maher


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