2 thoughts on “New Years Day Prayer Service”

  1. Praying for Father Christopher last night as AI finished reading from a favorite author Jean Vanier…I thought about how this Jesus was born a baby just like we were born……..and how he had a life journey that ended on the Cross and his death at the too young age of 33…..I thought about how his parents were anxious and worried for not letting them know where he was — they thought he was lost—- in the caravan….a 12 year old boy lost in a caravan—…. and how they must have worried about him………
    then it says ” he grew in age and wisdom—”

    The changes that He preached would make it a better world—…..but the authorities were again afraid to let him be heard—they didn’t want his popularity or were they afraid to give up any of the power they alone had?………. Jesus had good ideas but many didn’t want to listen. And so the authorities sought to kill him at the age of 33 they did!.
    Pilate was fearful of all that Jesus did to bring respect and joy to the world!
    He wanted him gone!
    We just had Christmas and the beautiful baby in the manger … and above our altar today at church – there hangs Jesus on the Cross…..
    But authorities could not kill the spirit of Jesus and we too go forward each in our own journey bringing that love and justice he taught us to take to others…
    they will know we are Christians by our love—
    We will keep the faith…and we will share it! It isn’t always or ever easy!
    Be voices for justice for the downtrodden.
    Here’s to a Happy Joyous New Year for Fr Senk and all the world!
    It is easy to speak on his behalf when we know what a good priest he is…
    We pray someone will hear our plea and listen with a heart and mind of compassion and truth and make the changes we all want and know need to be made in our church—-and our country and our world! Fr Senk deserves to be treated right!
    Mary Jo


  2. The Lord works in mysterious ways….

    even when we feel like a situation is hopeless we need to look again and again…………..and maybe find the words or solve the problem with prayers that continue… we cant give up on any situation worth asking God to solve……………
    thanks for these prayers you have given us to reflect on and pray still in the new year…..
    mj and h


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