1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 2/19/19”

  1. I loved the prayer of St Isabel—-as I prayed it I recalled teh warmth of being at liturgy there in the parish and how like part of the parish family community we felt even if we didn’t know many of the people………. it was always very special to be there for liturgy. How we have missed it this winter.. I hope some day -if we return to the area – that we will have that chance to be praying and singing and hearing a good inspiring homily by the pastor Fr Christopher — all pf us together again as it was when Father Senk was there. May the Holy Spirit bring us back to that parish where we were often inspired and felt a part of the community. Come Holy Spirit and bless Fr. Senk – help him to know what to do to be fully reinstated to his priesthood—-and to the people who pray for that—– and bless all his good friends and all the people there at St Isabel’s — my communion today was for this intention!
    Mary Jo


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