1 thought on “March 5th Prayer Service for Fr Chris”

  1. I believe in prayer and I believe in the way  Pope Francis tells us the Gospels   have shown us how to pray as Jesus prays—-If God can stop the winds and the mighty rough waters—————– he can change  evil into good———–he can change  the hearts of those who  have stony hearts—into hearts of  concern and love and forgiveness and good wishes for them———–we wait and we hope and we pray for Fr Christopher to get the benefits of all our prayers——-let the truth bring  him through this destructive storm he  has  endured —bring him peace as you Dear Lord right the wrongs he has  had to  suffer and  go through so  unfairly and unjustly.Let the vatican hear his case and rule  justly  for FR Christopher so he can  return to the priestly ministry he desires to fulfill in this life.   You  Lord can do this for  him———please do so —please hear our prayer and answer as we ask! sincerely- mary jo maher 


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