2 thoughts on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris on 4/2”

  1. Our concern and love for Father Christopher goes on despite the letter shared in the St Isabel Parish bulletin –from the bishop and supposedly from Rome—if they bothered to read the facts
    or hear from Fr Christopher———- they would not have ever acted in this way—–did the Pope actually read this case??????? I do not believe that!
    —-we have many concerns about the actions and power of the bishop over the life of this good priest and good person whom we feel has done nothing wrong to deserve this unjust treatment and decision . It is not fair nor is it right————— Father is suffering because some one wanted to give him a gift and did so—— is that HIS fault????????? I really do not understand it.
    I am sure, for a fact, that other priests have been left larger gifts during their lifetimes —from parishioners who like and admire them—-
    Father did not ask for anything —
    someone generous and caring wanted him to have what they gave him.
    We are disappointed with the letter in the bulletin this past weekend. Father met with the bishop on Friday and that letter was in the weekend bulletin—————- obviously the decisions by the bishop were made before Father ever got there!
    Father Christopher has been a priest for over 40 years———-he deserved better then this!
    It is hard for us as Catholics to know that he was not treated better than this by the authorities of the Church we have loved and supported for 80 years!

    Father deserved to return to the parish of St Isabel, too …..there was no reason to remove him in the manner that they did in the first place.
    YES!!!!! We are very sad . We have loved our church and we love and respect Father –we want what is justice for him——but we feel if we speak out we too will be chastised unjustly!

    We pray now for what is best for both!


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