1 thought on “My Dear Brothers and Sisters From the Bishop”

  1. One of the saddest things in my life as a Catholic for 80 years has been what has just taken place to punish fr Senk for something he didn’t cause nor did he do! It is my hope still that the church I have loved will look at this false accusation again and give Father proper justice in the end!
    Father will remain in our prayers and hearts as we pray that the good he has done and will do will live on in all he has left to accomplish for his priesthood and the church that needs priests exactly like he has always been and still is! God bless him and give him good health and courage to remain a good faithful servant of his honest faith in Jesus. It keeps me awake and sad and concerned at night praying for him to be strong , hoping he knows he is admired and cherished by so many good Catholics—and praying for our church to be the church it is supposed to be—, too! Thanks for supporting Father at this time that has been so hard on him physically and mentally and so many of our good people. Blessings – mary jo


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