1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr Senk 4/16/19”

  1. May our church be the church that Jesus intended it to be when he tried to teach us ”a better way then previously taught”—He wanted to improve the religion in which He was raised… He tried to spread the ”better messages’ and better ways of peace and love to those who followed Him ——
    he wanted us to be a better community of his followers —-
    We are not there yet!

    and so we learn about Him from Him and listen to his words still——pick up the Bible this week and read short passges and see waht Jesus might be saying to us today–

    what kind of church did HE WANT FOR US WHAT KIND OF CHURCH DO WE want for us and for our children and grand children and future generations of believers-???

    –JESUS WANTED US TO LIVE life as His Father,God created us to live—and wanted us to live.
    Jesus showed us and He taught us how to do it—

    If we live His teachings we will pass on our faith beliefs in a natural way because of and by the way we all try to live! They will know we are Christians by our love.

    It WOULD help if we had good leaders and role models WHO BY EXAMPLE SHOW US AND help us do that and not drag us down when we are TRULY trying to live those same good teachings of Jesus… !
    WE MUST LOVE EVERYONE—yes even the immigrants, YES even the sinners. we are all sinners and He loved us despite our sinful ways! We need to know Jesus better! Then we might have a better church while we are just ”citizens of Heaven just passing through this valley of tears!”
    No one said it is going to be easy—-AND we all know -IT ISN’T!

    Love God and love all people
    and judge not lest we be judged——–
    do not bear false witness against our neighbors—-God will ask us one day these two questions:
    1. Did you love me ??
    2. Did you love your neighbor??
    We will hopefully be able to say YES to both questions–
    I know I have more work to do! That is why I am still here–that is also why each of you are here! WE HAVE ONE MORE WEEK BEFORE EASTER TO TRY TO LIVE THE MESSAGEs THAT JESUS GAVE US—
    no other reason!
    God bless those who suffer any injustice or illness or sorrow as they pass through this life!
    God loves you —He said He did and I believe it! I know He loves me despite my failings!



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