3 thoughts on “Sixteen Years Ago Today”

  1. we continue to support Fr Christopher because we believe he has done nothing wrong and he has been treated unfairly and with a lack of justice- we stand with truth and justice for all people who deserve it! Father deserves honest justice!
    We wish him the Peace that he deserves—since we believe he did no wrong how can we not stand with him?
    One person has falsely accused him and he has been punished so severely and and without a fair hearing and without justice—we do not understand why someone has the power to subject him to taking away his priestly ministry.

    Two commandments : Love God and love your neighbor——Father does both and no one has proven differently to us! God bless Father Christopher at this sad time he suffers such injustice….We pray tht someone in our church will right this terrible wrong done to father Christopher..If you knew him you would not want him treated this way either.. he could be your son or brother or friend—
    Thank you to Father for being a good priest! We like and want good priests!
    Happy Easter Everyone!


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