Mary Jo Maher Speaks Out

“Should you Let John Temporiti speak for you?”

 It is not possible to see the  injustice done to Fr Senk and not care about it——-as a Catholic for 80 years I know injustice when I see it—————-

Since  Father did not do anything to deserve such unkind treatment  from Bishop Dewane,  how can you just go forward as if nothing was ever done wrong to an innocent person ?     

There are many  prisoners today who  are in prison cells  suffering for crimes they did not commit –and there are different kinds of  “prisons” people  are put in—-and as a Catholic – remember we are all Catholics – although  even though we belong to the same Church denomination —-many of us believe and act differently in our ‘ conservative’ or ‘liberal ways’ —- however–-even as we ARE still ALL Catholics— we have an obligation to  help free those unjustly  ‘imprisoned’——— and we should ALL stand with innocent  people!     

Please don’t  turn your back on Fr Senk — he didn’t do anything to deserve this!   

How would YOU feel if you were accused and found innocent and still  punished???   

Jesus TOO was charged with crimes he did not commit ——–I can only imagine how He felt!— and many  just went on their way saying and doing nothing to help  show or prove He had done no wrong—and THEY KNEW He was a good and innocent man!   But  his followers and those who knew him well – his friends — they  stayed with him til the end!    

Love God and love others——— those are the only two things we all have to always do!   I believe Father Senk is an honest and good man and faithful priest!   Please pray that  he be supported by the Church he has served so well all of his priesthood!

 I also  love  peace —-but not ” peace at any price” OR  the ” MY  WAY OR THE HIGHWAY  ATTITUDE”– I would love to  come to st Isable’s again someday—-knowing we  all love God and all love HIS kind of  justice— and I believe in  prayer!       PRAY FOR WHAT  YOU WANT!        PRAY FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND JUST!


 Maybe what I say makes no difference but I have to live with what I believe in and so I  say  it to anyone willing to hear it!   We are all Christians– 

Thank you for hearing me out!    



Dear Ms. Camacho

Please forward my letter to Bishop Dewane, acknowledge receipt thereof and I thank you.

 Dear Bishop Dewayne,

 I am very pleased we can now put  the matter of Fr. Christopher behind us and continue with our parish motto this year of “moving forward in Jesus name. ” As a parish, we have continued to endure and cast aside these past two and half years, the divisive  and demeaning missives both privately and publicly from the Parishioners for Justice. We have been guided by prayer and in pray,  prayed for these people. As past Men’s Society President and current finance chair, I have been personal attacked but have always recalled the prayer,  what would Jesus do?? 

The strong guidance and direction of Father Joseph has been our guiding light.

He quickly assessed the good and the “not so good”  and formulated a plan of leading our parish through these difficult times. He is truly a man of prayer instituting benediction and Rosary after our daily Mass which are well attended. He has assisted the Men’s Society and dealt with the irrational demands of the Woman’s Society who were very closely aligned with the Parishioners for Justice. He is a magnificent homilist both at daily and Saturday/Sunday Masses being always well prepared. His command of Church history with Holy Scripture enlightens and emboldens all. Even after eight and a half years in the seminary, I continue to more fully appreciate his keen insights into Sacred Scripture. There is a demonstrable forward movement at St. Isabel’s and it is to the credit of Father Joseph who has provided the practical and spiritual leadership critical to our success under the most difficult of circumstances.

In my humble opinion, we would  greatly  continue this necessary effort of “moving forward in Jesus name” if you would consider and appoint Father Joseph  as our pastor. His knowledge of the “players” both forward moving and those not and who still present a challenge,  has been formulated these past years. He is supported by the overwhelming majority of parishioners. His appointment would emphasize that his continuity and recognition here has your full support. Quite frankly, this good news,  should you so decide, would be the boost we need to stay focus and again be a fully holy and joyful parish. I also want to thank the Chancellor who has on several conference calls with Father Joseph and myself, has been so supportive of all challenges at the parish.

I continue to pray for you and our parish and will, of course, support your decision. I send you greetings from my two classmates from my seminary studies, Archbishops Joseph Naumann and George Lucas.

May God bless you, our diocese and St. Isabel’s. 


John Temporiti








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