Another Message to John Temporiti


            We, as parishioners of St. Isabel’s for 40 years, want to make it clear you are not speaking for us.

             Fr.  Gates is a nice young man but we feel he is not able to unite the parish, especially if he divides the parishioners into “ the good and not so good”, as you state in your letter. In order to unite the parish should the “ not so good” leave the parish?  The church?

                We will not put the matter of Fr. Christopher behind us but will continue to pray for justice for him.    


                   Bruce and Catherine Odlaug

5 thoughts on “Another Message to John Temporiti”

  1. We agree totally with Bruce and Catherine Odlaug and incidentally if Mr. Temporiti thinks Fr. Gates is a”magnificent homilist ” then my voice is better than Luciano Pavarotti was. Henry and Mary Jo Maher


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