1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr Chris May 7th”

  1. our thoughts and prayers continue for Fr Christopher——————– we pray his health is getting better each day too and that his hand is healing – we know from stresses we have had in our lifetime that the pit of the stomach seems to ache even when we know we have done no wrong—–it is the fear of being falsely accused that worries us! If no one listens to us and the right p[people don’t believe in us then we suffer this awful worry still—

    take away Fathers worry! He wants to serve as the priest he was ordained to be and has always been in the past!! Pray that someone frees Father of this penalty he does not deserve!

    we pray for his peace of mind and heart—-and give him the full knowledge of knowing that God loves him and is pleased with him for his honesty and service to the Lord —
    and we want him to get good news from the Church leadership so that he can say mass and act as a priest in full union with the church-God – please grant us our prayers for Fr Christopher!

    I am doing O k now following a heart catherization which showed- no heart issues—that was good news — I thank you for praying for me! I will see the lung dr.now as what might be causing shortness of breath—and lingering cough—-congestion—soon as able!
    I was told I have a good heart and that made me happy!

    Peace to all who pray for Father!


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