1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr Chris”

  1. It seems to be the history of our world and even of our church that injustice exists ————it seems they were throwing the deceased lady’s clothing and shoes and lovely items– perfectly good items that she used and loved into the dumpster—-many fine things – her ‘stuff’——things that could now be enjoyed by others were being tossed into the dumpster rather then take them someplace to be enjoyed and used by others! If someone would take these items and sell them and give the money to the poor———-wouldn’t that be better then throwing them away?
    It isn’t right nor is it just that some people have so much and some have so little——
    but there are people who do not care nor do they think about bringing a little joy to others —-passing on what they have to someone with so much less-

    and they treat people the same way they treat someones material possessions once they are dead! They prefer to toss it in the dumpster than to pass it on to someone in need!

    They treat less fortunate people like they don’t matter!

    We should honor the person who has died and take their belongings someplace so that others can enjoy them in her memory! That is what she would want! That is what I would want them to do! Do not store things in your barns and boxes in the basement – pass them on now because others in the family may just toss them in the dumpster as to find a worthy person who might enjoy or benefit from using those items!

    If we have one pair of earrings – why do we say we need to go buy more?

    Pass them along!
    ASK yourself: What would Jesus do? I will ask myself!
    Thank you to those who DO pass along belongings they no longer need or use and that they once enjoyed –pass them on to the less fortunate among us! NOW- BEFORE THEY END UP IN A DUMPSTER!


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