1 thought on “Prayer Service Fr Chris July 16”

  1. When we are not pleased with the way things are going we can often just walk away and ignore the problem…forget about it!

    .. but when it comes to a good and innocent priest- another human being—- being accused unjustly. then it is hard to just walk away. Father Christopher didn’t do anything to deserve this treatment by the church or by other human beings—the church we belong to..and love———- so it is not possible to just walk away – just forget it—knowing injustice and a lack of charity is what we see. Let us better understand and be compassionate and insist that the church see his case—- and make it right again for him.
    Our church needs to be the example of truth and justice for all people! We sure do need truthful and just hierarchy who over see this Church! We need good priests! Bring Father back to the people who know him to be an honest and good priest! God bless our Church and our leadership to do the right things ! One day we may be asked the sme question as was asked today in the Gospel?
    ”Which of these 3 did the right thing??” The one who cared —the one who was compassionate to the man along the side of the road, the one who stayed and helped and cared!
    We need to be on the right side of compassion and justice !
    Give the benefit of any doubt to Father who has proved himself over the years of his lifetime as an honest priest and person! God bless him with the kindness he deserves!



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