1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 7/23”

  1. It was so much better when we felt ”connected” to the whole community at st isabels –
    when fr Christopher was there in the parish as pastor…this has gone on for too long and the damage grows!

    I guess Bishop Dewane feels like he was right in how he ‘ handled Father Christopher’s case.
    but if he looks at the facts of the case again and sees where he could have done it differently—-and admits his own ‘errors’….the case against father could be over and done
    as it could have been some time ago!

    Many of us feel as we feel – because we believe it is right to stand with and defend a good and completely innocent person especially when we know him for years— – in this case a priest and pastor we have known through liturgy and friendly ways—for many years when on Sanibel—–
    then maybe we can get together again in that same unity and happiness that we once knew and had at St Isabel’s and hopefully know peace in the diocese.?????
    It can happen!

    Listen for that voice of GOD speaking in our hearts—–the ‘better angels” of our nature—(Richard Rohr’s quote is from from Abe Lincoln—)

    We need to listen …
    Then we will again be able to better live the Gospel messages—and pass them along to others!

    The God I know does not blame or accuse—-He listens and He loves– I know that from those gone before me— un named saints who have been part of my life—-and that is what I think we should all try to do–NOW!!
    listen and love – and forgive and ask forgiveness if need be!. EVERYONE!

    when we are all sailing the same way in a sailboat race and a storm comes —- then sometimes we change course … it is better and O K to turn back rather than to continue on in thunder and lightening—and lose the life we once knew—
    that way we can all be winners!

    I’m hoping for that finish…


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