5 thoughts on “Feast of the Transfiguration….Prayer Service for Fr. Chris”

  1. At the end of our lives may we get the blessing for peacemakers

    the shootings in Dayton, Ohio and also El Paso, Texas give us all reason to make sure we are peacemakers….
    give us voices that speak for justice … and goodness.

    God is the creator of all life and only He can take life—-
    We can teach our grandchildren to be peacemakers even when they are young…

    Our 13 year old grandson was invited to a b day party this past weekend and we think the whole class was asked to come–only three kids made it to the party…
    Maybe many were still on vacation or had some other pre planned things to do so they didn’t attend – there are reasons why they may not have been there! They would have needed a parent to get them to the party! We can pray for any who may have been hurt by the actions of others…
    Just so that we are caring and kind when we are invited to something as important as a b day party to a 14 year old girl! Maybe some people have not been taught that kindness and thoughtfulness are very important to becoming or being a peace maker!
    Everyone was invited….every one must respond…. with kindness and care.
    Be examples of peacemakers and please teach that lesson to the younger generation! We don’t want anyone to miss that lesson!
    We do not need guns that kill—or words or actions that kill the spirit! Think of all thelives lost due to such killing!

    We pray for those who suffer the loss of loved ones in these terrible shootings that have to stop! A hand extended in friendship—and a kind word of peace —-or a smile that says I care about you can be the better ‘weapons’ to use if we really want peace.

    For Father Senk – we pray for him to receive true peace in acts of kindness from our whole church.! For those who suffer loss of any kind we pray for them .

    amen…means I believe it!
    Sincerely. Mary Jo Maher


  2. Since when is it O K to punish a person who has been found innocent / not able to find evidence against him to then investigate him on a charge of criminal behavior
    and with NO proof of guilt ever presented ??
    No opportunity for the one charged to speak on his own defense????
    This is America and this is the way Rome looks into charges made against good and truly innocent priests?

    Everyone seems to treat a seminarian so well — but maybe not so once you are a priest and are that for over forty unblemished years?? It is wrong. The church must make this right for innocent priests! We do not punish people for impropriety of wrong doing!!!!!!!! Certainly if a presit is not found guilty of wrong doing we must support that for his good reputation is now tarnished forever!

    what are the facts???

    That would mean that any presit who has charges brought against him and no PROOF of wrong presented to him or shown to him for his defense—- he can be punished by the Bishop and by Rome anyhow??

    This is not the American way and certainly not the Christian way in our church I hope…
    ALL priests better take notice and make sure someone doesn’t bring a charge against one of them = they best know that they can be found punishable for no wrong doing…as was done to Fr Senk!
    …if the Bishop wants he can investigate without letting the priest know he is doing so when a false charge is made—and never even told or called in the priest to show him the evidence and listen to what the priest has to say???
    ~ and if as it is in this case there is NO evidence shown! it no wonder the Bishop didn’t bring Father Senk in to discuss it——- discuss what???
    What are the charges?? Insinuations are wrong and can not and should not lead to punishment ! You cant be accused of a non crime and punished for a non crime—-
    hurting someone/s reputation IS Slanderous—this has been done in this awful case and is criminal on the part of the people who have brought such accusations and it is very wrong and someone should be punished for doing that to an innocent person! It makes me feel very sick to think about it! Someone maybe more then one person in the hierarchy- needs to apologize to Father Christopher for hurting his good reputation with these prolonged false charges! Amen! You would d feel the same way as PFJ folks if it was one of your friends or a family member! Please right this serious wrong done to a fellow human being!!!!
    Mary Jo and Hank Maher


  3. Thank you for the time you have taken to write this piece about Fr. Senk’s innocence. I hope it is read over and over again. It is very true and well written. Hurting someone’s reputation is very slanderous, and it surely does make one sick to think about it especially with no proof.
    Vicki Bundschu


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