1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 8/20/19”

  1. life is so short……………we continue to miss out on  the services  of a good presit who has been  unjustly charged…..today I went to Mass and it was so hard to understand the preist…he is very nice but his homily was not as inspirational  or clear as  those of Fr Christopher…..….

    please may the Holy Spirit let him minister to the people who really do miss his inspiration and  goodness — we do need  him to be in full ministry  as a priest.. he has  inspired us and we really miss him  and his kind of  theology and spirit.  amem God bless us all  as we wait for  good news re his  priesthood ……. he is irreplaceable to those  of us who  benefited from his ministry in so may ways and still at our old age need  to be inspired…..where can we go to find a priest of his talents?? and His kindnesses??  It is  sad to have not been able to hear what he  has to say..in a manner that makes it  so real       thank youLord =please Hear our sincere prayers for Fr Senks return! Mary Jo and Henry Maher  


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