1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 8/27”

  1. there were only twenty people at mass today and all of them were old if we want our catholic church to go on in the future….we need to make things right as Jesus taught us to do….. start with the case of Fr Senk and make it right———

    He was found ”not able to be charged under the law of Florida”
    then he should not be found ‘unable to be a priest fully acting”
    — completely with his sacramental gifts….now. I pray that The HOLY Father Pope Francis can read and make this injustice right for Fr Senk.

    we need priests like Fr Senk back on the altar and reaching the words that Jesus left us..
    Pray that the Pope reads Fathers case —– if he hasn’t
    done so —— and that he will rule in his favor as it is the just thing to do—–and he sees the way that Jesus sees it!!!!!!!!!!

    sincerely- mary jo


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