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The St. Isabel Bulletin of June 03, 2018, among other dates, contained the following statement by the parish administration in a section titled “Facilities and Operations – Progress for Parish Improvement:”

Ensuring the safety of our Parish Family and the Parish staff is our top priority…. Since the protection of our parishioners is paramount, we have instituted measures in our parking and walkway areas as well.  We had issues with speeding and poor parking in our parking lots.  New speed limit signs have been placed around the lots to ensure we all keep to the 5 miles per hour limit and we are all vigilant about how we drive around the church. … In this ever-changing world, where tragedies seem to strike on a regular basis, we are striving to raise the safety of our facilities to better standards… We will continue to move forward as good stewards to our parish and maintain these higher standards.

Seems that the staff forgot to insert a warning in the bulletin to beware that the biggest threat to safety in the parking lot is Fr. Joseph Gates careening through the area in a drunken stupor with the parish business manager riding “shotgun” in his car.  Perhaps in addition to speed limit signs, some “Don’t Drink and  Drive” signs could have been installed in the parking lot, at least in the area by the rectory. Who are the good stewards in the administration maintaining “higher standards?” Talk is cheap.

4 thoughts on “TALK IS CHEAP”

  1. What a waste of money! Such a beautiful property turned into a “DO NOT” Zone. THE PROBLEM IS FR. GATES because the few people that attend want to LEAVE IN A HURRY and because the PARKING LOT IS NOT FILLED WITH CARS. If OUR PASTOR FR. CHRISTOPHER SENK WERE THERE THIS WOULD NEVER BE A PROBLEM.


  2. AMEN! Perhaps we should add something about not copying the license plate numbers of those attending Tuesday Prayer Services!🙃



  3. Father Gates is leaving effective October ist 2019;he has been given a month to get his affairs in order,facing a possible criminal conviction;where as Father Chris was not allowed a minute to get his personal belongings;this absolutely shows the contradictions in Bishop Dewanes policies on dealing with his priests;Father Martin from this diocese is taking over;i have been told by another priest of this diocese he is a good priest,mature;however somewhat old and doubtfull he will be with us long;i pray this is not true,for we do need this mature priest to heal the wounds of our beloved parish


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