1 thought on “Prayer Service for Fr. Chris 9/10”

  1. The prayer for ”help and acceptance” is meaningfully and beautifully written and we read it aloud here…….
    it is a good prayer

    we know it is hard to forgive those who have harmed us- is a hard thing to do……and yes ,it hurts.
    To be hurt by a friend or friends we trusted is very difficult to forgive and forget but all thigns are possible when we seek and know and trust and believe in God’s love for us..
    it is not easy to pray for someone who has harmed us or someone we know and care about— in big or even small ways–
    however– we have found it to be true—-
    all things are possible when we realize God knows us and loves us….
    He always loves us ——when friends or strangers hurt us, just remember:
    He loves us. Forgive———and start the process of forgiving as best able and as soon as possible!
    What would Jesus do? Not easy!


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