Weekly Prayers of the Faithful

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time C, September 22, 2019

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time C, September 22, 2019

As we hear in the Gospel today of the dishonest steward who used his position for his own benefit, we offer our prayers that we may use our goods, our faith, and our well-being for the benefit of those who struggle.

  1. That the Church may be resolute in our efforts to raise the lowly from the dust and lift the poor from the dunghill. We pray to the Lord.
  2. That kings and all in authority may be wise leaders who facilitate the opportunity for all people to lead quiet and tranquil lives in all devotion and dignity. We pray to the Lord.
  3. That whenever we pray against the injustices and challenges of life, we may lift up holy hands without anger or argument seeking God’s will. We pray to the Lord.
  4. That we may meditate on our stewardship of God’s many blessings to us and use our gifts wisely in preparation for God’s judgement. We pray to the Lord.
  5. That untiring efforts will be forthcoming to end the violence and war in the Middle East and put an end to the hardships and torment caused by sectarian hatred. We pray to the Lord.
  6. That those suffering from the winds and rains of hurricanes and from the thirst and fires of drought may find relief and be supported by good neighbors.  We pray to the Lord.
  7. That the forthcoming change in administration of St. Isabel Parish will heal divisions among parishioners and allow a return to an atmosphere of truth and joy. We pray to the Lord.
  8. That Father Christopher may be inspired by the Holy Spirit as he fights the malicious lies and evils that attack his priesthood. We pray to the Lord.
  9. That those in our community who have received disheartening medical diagnoses may receive the grace of God and the support of friends to persevere with joy. We pray to the Lord.
  10. That those who have died as outcasts from society may be welcomed by all the angels and saints into the peace of heaven. We pray to the Lord.
  11. For our own intentions that we recall in silence…….. We pray to the Lord.

O God, as we observe that in this world many use power, prestige, and money for their own advancement and agendas, we ask that we may see clearly to use all our blessings for the welfare of others so that we might become truly rich in the poverty embraced by Jesus.  We make our prayers through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

1 thought on “Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time C, September 22, 2019”

  1. Never judge a person based on a rumor that might not even be true in the first place !

    Like that old telephone game we played as kids when one person gives a sentence and whispers it in the ear of the next persona and passes it on to the next person—– by the time it gets to the last person the sentence has been changed and altered so much as not to be the original sentence and even – perhaps – a very wrong and completely false and unjust rumor?

    If a man is honest in small matters— he is honest in big ones too! Wasn’t that the gospel this weekend?

    God bless Fr. Senk and give him a just hearing! We have only known him to be honest and good . We pray for God to bless him with great blessings!


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